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My car is to be featured.........

  Clio 182, OctaviaVRS

In Januarys, Performance GTI magazine - theyre coming down next weekend (26/27) to do photos, then 0-60, 0-100 and 1/4 mile - should be a wicked laugh!!!

Will keep you all updated if anything changes, make sure you have a look when you go into Smiths at the end of this year though!!!!


  Shiny red R32


Is this photo shoot with your GTT? What colour is it?

Hope it will be clean and well-polished! ;)
  Clio 182, OctaviaVRS

Yeah its with my 5, its resprayed Storm grey - its darker then Tungy grey but similiar sort of colour, looks better IMHO anyway!

Its going to be cleaner then ever, - ill be doing it all morning Saturday, repaint the calipers etc, polish all the glass, and apply a load of new chrome stickers that im waiting for!!