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My Day in Wales

  B/G 182 + PH1 Track
My reason i needed to look at a KTM Xbow for my final year project.
There is less that 25 of them in the country currently,i managed to find a owner who said i could come and look around his at Anglesey today.

So i left Coventry at 4;45 this morning and headed up the M6 and in to wales.

When i got to anglesey i was bery impressed with the circuit. They were running a track day for beginners on the club circuit, and a normal track day on the national in the morning. With the intention or joining the group together in the afternoon andrunning the coastal circuit.

The KTM, well.....WOW i was very impressed, alot beeter than i expected very well made and a stunning track car.



There was some nice things out on track.




And the 205 guys looked like they were having so much fun.


With it being such a nice day i decided to take the long way home, this ment i was able to visit the EVO triangle. It was the first time i have been there, very nice roads. Did 2 laps of it just for fun.


Nice Lake


And spotted this, anyone know who it is?


I had noticed alot of Rally cars on the road through out the day, so i new something must be on.
So i decided to follow. After trecking through the forest i found part of stage 5 of the day. First time shooting rally cars.



Covered - 397 miles
- 40MPG :approve:

Will sort the rest of the photos tomorrow.

  B/G 182 + PH1 Track
Those X-Bows are ace man!

Crackin pics matey!


Cheers, the Xbows are unreal. That one had had some serious money spent on it aswell. Instead of being the standard 240 BHP it had a few little mods taking it to 310BHP. The guy who owned it was great, he was telling me about all the other cars he owns. Aswell as his Xbow he had a ATOM i was so jealous.

What a cracking day!!

Was a great day, tired now though. But i enjoyed nearly all of it, execpt on the way back the Sat nav decided it would be fun to take me down 15 miles of single track roads. Every corner had to be taken at snails pace incase there was a tractor or landrover round it :(
  B/G 182 + PH1 Track
How did you get 40mpg on the triangle lol

love the pics tho, that x bow is awesome

Well when u drive 400miles in the day the 20 or so miles of the triangle really doesnt make a impact.

Spotted you last nite on ring road i think. :)