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My eyes are square... i got 169k in 109mins ..but what can you get?

  Italian 3.2 V6
just had a solid 109mins on halo ODST on firefight on Normal (just wanted to see how far i could get, see if i could have all skullz lit up) managed to get to Set 2 / Round 3 / Wave 5 which gave me 169.463 points, which gave me 4 skullz lit up

here my stats (level was security zone)

- Tool of destruction : Human Turret (180 kills)
- Biggest kill : Brute Chieftan
- Total kills 599
- Deaths 13
- total time 109:34
- Medals (good ones only menchioned)
1x Invincible
2x Hammer spree
5x Untouchable
7x Rampage
7x Running Riot
8x Killing frenzy
10x overkill
12x killing spree
20x granade stick
24x Trpple kill
71x double kill
106x headshot

best i have had on legendary (windward) is 79k :(

what type of scores are you guys gettng...?