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my first car

  E92 M3
my first car is a 2002 1.2 16v dynamic



they took sum finding but got sum 182 wheels


and this is what my car looks like nw (i know it needs a clean)




next mods are an RS grill and sum new headlights which i am getin 4 xmas
  Merc A class
How much is ure insurance if you dont mind me asking?

Looking at a 1.2 for my first car?

Pm me if you dont wana say on here


ClioSport Club Member
I had forgot how expensive insurance was at that age. £1,400 as a named driver only on a 1.2? That is steep.
  FPOS Productions™ 172 FR
looks well mate, suprised at what a change of wheel can do to the look of a car..;)
Like it mate, agree insurance is a joke. Mines £1400 at 18 1years experience 1 years ncb (off my scooter) with direct line.
  Golf R/Leon FR
nice 1st car fella

personally dont waste your money on gash angel eye headlights, leave them as they are.

spend the money on lowering it and clear repeaters/silvervisions

dont spend loads of money on your first car when you'll replace it with a 182 soon enough