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My first upgrades 2012 RS200 LY. Need your inputs.

  2012 Clio RS 200
Hi Guys,

Still waiting for my Clio to arrive, but since I will be travelling to Germany next week I thought it would be a good idea to order some parts online and save the shipping fees. BTW I am from Bahrain, Persian Gulf and I need to be careful with purchasing the correct items.

Here is my Clio

I think I will start with H&R lowering springs and 20mm spacers found on German eBay as follow:

  1. H&R Lowering Springs (29103-2)
  2. H&R 20mm Spacers (40365601). I found two packages one with longer black bolts and the other with longer black bolts + lock nuts

Things to make sure,

a) Is the above given parts are the correct ones for my car?
b) Are the 20mm Spacers the best option for my wheels? Will they set flush with the arches?
c) Am I correct to say that the existing wheel bolts can't be used with the H&R 20mm spacers and therefore I need to get extended bolts? "I read somewhere that existing bolts can be used, but not sure".
d) From the two given spacers packages, which one should I get? With lock nuts or without?
e) What do you think about the prices?

I need to purchase them ASAP so they will be delivered on time when I am in Germany. Appreciate your urgent clarifications. Thank you.
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  GTD, Lupo
What year is your car as it will make a difference as they changed the size of the top mount.

#29103-1 30mm-40mm 197 and Clio 200 <2010
#29103-2 30mm all round Clio 200 >2010

25mm H&R hubcentric spacers will be your best bet. No need to change the bolts and they will sit flush with the arch.
  2012 Clio RS 200
I've noticed something, while looking at the bolts on the wheels it seems that there is no locking nut, am I right? If so, should I get the package that comes with the lock nuts or without?

  GTD, Lupo
Yeah you have no locking wheel nuts. It's totally up to you if you want to get some or not! It's a deterent, but they are still pretty easy to remove with the correct tools. I would get some just to be on the safe side.
  2012 Clio RS 200
It's clear now. I have contacted the seller making sure of the bolt sizes before ordering.