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My Liverpool Victoria online quotes...!

  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

How accurate is the online quote feature. I know it requires a call to get a real quote, but Ive been playing and it came up with the following. Taking into consideration im 22, with 4 years NCB:

- Toyota MR2 1998cc Turbo (1995) = £827.86 - £985.68 (Fully comp)

- Toyota Supra 2954cc Twin Turbo (1995) = £1024.74 - £1220.97 (Fully comp)

- Subaru Impreza 1994cc Turbo STI (280bhp) (1997) = £1269.54 - £1513.53 (Fully comp)

Seems a bit cheap, and its with protected NCB!!??

mate, you will be very lucky to get the above quotes in stone! i got a quote of "£611 --> £700" from "Liverpool Victoria" for my renault clio 16v, as follows :-

22yrs old

4yrs ncb

cat 1 securty

no points

rang them up to take out the quote, and some how advised me the quote was in fact £1200 or something silly... i think they are good for young drivers with smaller engined cars.. but not your perfromance cars etc... Liverpool Victoria get teh thumbs down from me..

im not impressed with them at all... so far my cheapst quote is with ADMIRAL £786.45 fully comp with NCB protected?!

anyone beat that? if so can you post the name of the insurance firm and number.. chhers (my insurance runs out on the 15th)
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

That aint bad mate. Should be the same for me as then as we are both the same in regards to age and ncb and alarm. Ive got 3 points though!

You got any mods???

Mine is due soon so if I find one cheaper ill let you know!

yeah thanks mate, if you do get a cheaper quote let me know and ill do the same!

my cars is modded, but i dont class them as serious mods.. ie magnex exhust, replacement air filter element. im getting my car slammed on 35mm spax soon.. so when its done i better tell them about that when it happens. other then that.. its standard... you should give liverpool victoria a ring later just to clarify.. there a bag of w**k as far as i can see.:cry:

You will find that you can get quotes on the website but they will not insure you for any of the above 3 cars that you were looking at.

LV only cover over 30s on the turbo monsters now, its the reason that they are soooooooo good to us older drivers with performance cars ;O) so dont take it to heart when they refuse to insure you.

Tony (Happy LV customer)
  Clio 190bhp Hybrid

I just changed my insurance to esure, although I am 28 and have 6yrs NCB protected and 3 points they were cheapest, beating elephant by some way who I was with last year.

esure supposedly insure any1 with minimum of 4yrs NCB. Give them a try.

i got quoted with esure, and to tell the truth they did beat my best quote! however i do have 4yrs no claims bonus but they wouldnt protect it! :mad: id sooner pay a bit extra and have my NCB protected..

cheers matty

Yeah Liverpool Victoria said around 2000 for an RS500 for me. I think pigs might fly before I get insured that cheap on one! lol
  Skoda Fabia vRS

in my experience the quotes are very accurate, and you should expect a quote half way between the 2 figures

I had Motorcycle cover (fully comp) with Highway. The premium was very competitive, but when I was knocked off and it came down to the nitty gritty, it took them months to get their butt in gear and I eventually had to do most of the leg work myself.

Wouldnt use them again myself. Just my own opinion.


yeah maybe but its all i could afford!

Adams2k - the only mods is alloys and lowered - yeah they know.

Like ive said, LV will not insure anyone under 30 on a high performance turbo charged car, its now their policy and has been for the last few weeks (good job im over 30 then ;O) )