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My mates just bought a VTS

so today we went for a play as we had to go up to bracknell.

well......... i leave him off the mark, leave him though the gears... and he tops out at 140 on his speedo which was only 115 on mine as i was following him!!!! how off is that!!!??? so when he tops out in 5th, i can change into 5th.. no contest even he was very surprised as he thought theyd be close!!
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Here in Portugal, the VTS owners claim that they do 235km/h with std car. Thats +- 146miles/h

Last week I went for a drive. No way they can go above 130 with std car. This one had a high flow air filter and would go a little more... the owner really said that 146 was a lie.

now... its really easy to tune up a vts, just because its easy to find anywhere stage kits.

That is way out my VTR was timed at Brunters as part of the PGTI shoot out...

When I hit the rev limiter in 5th I was doing just past 140mph on the clock and my actual recorded speed was just under 136mph

Top speed on VTS is only around 2-3mph faster than VTR and there is no way under normal circumstances that a standard VTS will hit he red line in 5th

172 vs VTS 0-60 is similar but 172 is a good 4s quicker to 100mph which is a big difference

When the VTR/S series came out in about 1997, I really liked them. I dont dislike them now, but a particular sort of people seem to have a hold on them. It is their bravado (e.g. a standardish VTR doing 146mph!) that obscures this ability and destroys their reputation amongst the rest.

Just look at how much more respect the 106GTi/Rallye gets on here - even though theyre almost the same cars!
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I agree with Hardcore Sax, the VTS would need running in though so Id try again in a few months and wouldnt be surprised if it was much more responsive...


Ben J,

Your M8 either has a faulty speedo or larger diameter wheels, as they would revolve less for each increase in MPH, bearing in mind all speedos by law register less than actaul speed, Not more.


Dont you mean more than actual speed - so that 60 becomes 62 etc? Ive never seen an in depth car test where the speedo is reads less than 62 when the independent equipment says 60.

If you put a VTR gearbox in a VTS youve then got something like a theoretical top speed of around 165mph, as long as youve got the extra power to get it up there...

Now that would be fun :D

i can vouch for the difference in speedo readings for a vts and my 19 16v, when i raced my mate in his vts his clock was reading !15mph when i went past him my clock reading about !07mph!!

LOL! i do like threads like this.....

Hardcoresax, by adding a vtrs gearbox into a vts all you would do is make the vts slower (ill let you figure it out) and i really would doubt that it would be able of getting anywhere near a theoretical top speed of 165mph :) as even with the different ratios your still restricted by them.

Its not like your putting a 205 1.6gtis gearbox into a 1.9gti which does actually make the car quicker due to closer ratios, your doing the opposite.

As for top speeds of these small warm/hot hatches.... lets just say that below 140mph, these cars would struggle even to make that at the red line, and most hot hatches wont even make 150mph, small car and fast speeds dont go well together and they become unstable, thats one of the reasons behind it, the other is that if the gear ratios were that widely spread you would get bad performance, not good performance as the car wouldnt be driveable.


Hardcore, it didnt hit the rev limiter.... it just couldnt go faster.... and seriously a 1.6 doing 130+ anyway??

Paddy, its an R-reg.... it is run in!

Blaze, his car is standard.. my mates old Vtr was big time off too!

TB1, my point exactly! hes reading 140, im reading 115. guess which ones more accurate!!

TB1> Please explain how having longer gear ratios makes your car go slower?

Did you not read

"as long as youve got the extra power..."

well i aint bothered what people say or think so the row wont be from me....

im just telling the people what happened....

Its too late in the day to get technical...

But basically providing the VTS has enough power and high enough gear ratios it will be able to do 160mph+ If anyone would like to explain the physics behind why this is wrong Im all ears.


Im not looking for an argument, I just didnt like the way how TB1 made a sweeping statement and then provided no basis to back it up.

besides.. read off topic..... im eating chocy sunday ..... yummy...

and just to make sure.... I AM NOT SAYING THEYRE CRAP OR SLOW.... Im the one who told him to get it as he was going to go for a fiesta Zetec and i said NOOOO... the thing is bloody rapid and really nice! just i was faster.... simple as that...


If you increase the ratios you reduce the in gear power thus reducing the overall performance of the car, you would beasically need 100bhp extra on a vtr gearbox to produce the same power as a standard vts due to the longer and less able gear ratios.

I take it you never did much in the way of physics at school then hardcorsax? ;) just sit down and think about it, you make a bridge thats 100 foot long, you need less metal to make said bridge and there will be less stress on it, you make one thats 200 foot long and its got over twice as much metal and twice if not more stress.... thats why i gave the information about the 205 gti, as by putting a 1.6 gearbox and REDUCING the ratios you actually GAIN performance but if you did the opposite and put a 1.9 gearbox in a 1.6 you would actually REDUCE the power output and LOOSE performance..... common sense ;)