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my Mk1....

  RenaultSport 172.
what you recon?

tints are going on soon and backbox & black multi spokes as soon as i get money......

any more suggestions?



  MR2 2.0 N/A & Mk1 1.2Clio
colour code the bumpers makes sooooo much difference!

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take the 'sport' badge of and it'll be schweet will look good with the above mentioned bits on it!
Good starting point mate, remove the sport badge and rear wiper ;)
16v spoiler and get some colour coded bumpers then it would look sweet :)


ClioSport Club Member
i dunno i have contemplated the idea of running black bumpers if you have black wheels.....may look real good

looks like a good start anyway mate..nice
The will bolt on but you need the wings for the front as well as the normal ones don't line up so it would kinda stick out at the side.

Believe this is the same for the rear as the bumper lines up with the rear arches (which are again wider). With a bit of work i'm sure it could be done!

valver pete

jonesyx said:
colour code the bumpers makes sooooo much difference!


  RenaultSport 172.
Liking the replys....first car and all....first go at sorta modin ....:)

take off the sport badge off now...looks like a big no no!

any idea how much it would be to get bumpers colour coded and trip coded? had a rough estimate of £220 for F+R bumpers and trim....but not too sure..?

  MR2 2.0 N/A & Mk1 1.2Clio
not too sure i had my dad do mine for free hehe. got them smoothed as well.

Buy a set of second hand bumpers from a factory colour coded model, better chance of the paint sticking and lasting longer, than primering the black plastic ones he said.

Have a look in the yellow pages and find a bodyshop near you and give em a call and ask how much to paint two bumpers :)

edit: oops just noticed youve already had a quote. could probably get it lower. just shop around, and ask to see samples of work.

Where about are you from? local people might be able to reccomend somewhere good.
  RenaultSport 172.
hehe its off now!

im from cheslyn hay, about 10 minutes away from cannock/bridgetown. Heard K & G are preety good?