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****my progress pics******

Why a 5 door? Because 5 is better than 3? :D

My "5 door" is in progress too at the moment.. Well, Kind of not in progress, but will be looking different soon hopefully.


i wasnt planning on changing car at all, but a friend had bought this car at an auction and he thought he would be able to repair it, but it was too much for him. he doesnt hav the time.

so after a test drive (very impressed with) and a few beers later i said i would have it. i bought it for £700, couldnt refuse at that price!!!

16" Fox Evos are on there way too! cant wait!

just you lot wait! it will be lookin sweet! it will be sprayed next weekend, lowered 40mm front and back, sittin on 16" Fox Evos!!!

Cant wait!