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My rear end is unpredictable!

I changed the worn front tyres (2mm % 3mm) to the back last night to try and put off buying new tyres I cant afford - result=

This morning on my way to work I have to go round 1 roundabout - drove on like normal turned right and out comes the rear end:eek:I left the roundabout sideways looking like Colin Macrae:D It happened again tonight on my way to the shops so i will have to be more careful.

hes not worth the money hes paid.....

idot, crap, and dares to blame everythiing on the only person who knows whats goin on...the co driver....the guy is a waste of a seat.

far more interesting people out there......
  Was a Clio 1.8 16v

Will do that a lot! Worst with worn fronts and good rears cause your fecked if u have to make a sharp turn and go straight on. So its better to have slicks on the rear, but itll come stright quite easy just keep the power on. :devilish:

Quote: Originally posted by Mike Wright on 22 February 2003

I take it your not a Colin MCrae fan then Benr ;)
whatever gave you that idea???!!

his games ok

Id get some new tyres cos you dont want to end up wrapping your williams - you can get some well cheap toyo proxes from there!

Also, your getting to the point where if a copper pulls you he might try and do you for a bald tyre (3 points each!)
  Clio 190bhp Hybrid

Worn tyres are worst on the rear than the front. Driven did a test on channel 4 ages ago and the rear end loses grip and swings around when it loses traction, especially on wet or greasy roads.

My Clio did it when I got the car as it had different tyres on every corner with different tread patterns and different wear rates. Got 4 new tyres and it hasnt done it since.