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My Scalextric Dream....

  Clio 182, OctaviaVRS

Call me a big kid or whatever but how cool would this be if you had the space and money??

I would love to have a spare room dedicated to Scalextric.......Can you imagine having a wooden floor, thats cut out to sit the track into it - then all painted up properly to look like a proper track - you could then build grandstands all around, have a pit lane with garages for all your different cars, you could even have an Oval round the outside with full on proper bank corners etc - THEN, have a platform in the room so that you could look down on to all this track and play for hours and hours - youd have a proper timing system with lap time display etc - can you honestly imagine it?? How good??? If i could afford this - i would definitely do it!! Can you imagine even having tiny cameras setup so that you could record from low level, or have on-board cameras etc!!

Sorry for the essay but this is just something ive been thinking about whilst being bored here at work!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Clio 182, OctaviaVRS

Haha, yeah good point mate!!! Thats what the missus can be for - plus she can put the car back on when it comes off!!

I have just discovered the house I am renting has got a floor in the loft, perfect for my Scalextric, I got the Le Mans 24 hour set for my birthday!!! And now I have room to put it up, and join it too all my old track, hours and hours of fun!!!
  mk2 172

he he guys, my loft is all boarded and huge, plus i have 3 full scalextrics boxed for over a year now and 2 old train sets with loads of extras for both. bought them when i bought the house with that idea in min about a year ago but havent got round to building up my little world



  Shiny red R32

Craggy, can Jilly, Chuckie and me be your track girls when you get your Little Boys World built up in your loft? ;)

Can you make sure that you have a well-stocked bar set up in the corner for us please?


and why not.. the female urge to prepare snacks huh ???:devilish:

Its in the genes ya know.... crizzzz Craggy, theyll be picking up discarded socks next.. ya know.. the ones you were saving till romorrow....

  BMW 320d Sport

Well every few months I get all my scalectrix down and me and the wife play it for a week or so in the spare room...


ClioSport Club Member
  Lazy v8

u play with each other or the scalextrics ????

when we went to america there was this shop dedicated to scaleextrics and they had a 6 lane circuit which had cross overs but the cars cost like $500 and did stupid speed of up to 50mph the shop owner had the world record for the fastest car which made 72.5mph or summit i was like woah !!!!

  williams and trophy

he he .. we used to go up to my mates . he had a 6 lane track in his front room at waist level.

the track was like an oval but with the lanes gettin very narrow so only 2 cars could fit through the 2 bends

all the cars were in f1 stock car form. all hand built and very heavy......and quite fukkin fast too.... made for some intersting crashes in the bends

was top fun


  clio williams, Ph1 172

I used to have a big track set up on a board. Best thing to do it attach everything to the board with screws, then you can lean it up against the wall so it doesnt take up much space.


  Shiny red R32

Boys and their toys!!

Jilly, us girls will have to get out our old Barbies and Kens and set up a Wendy House to play in!