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my turbine colour diary./

i brought them few months back. below is what they looked like.

1. sh*t


2.after refurbing them myself, i sprayed one gold.


3. got bored and then done it black. still not happy


4. finally, here you go. a dentist would be proud.




oh oh, and i just brought brand new tyres all round :)

what i need to do now is get the other wheels done and back on the clio.

whats ur views. right now this is what my clio looks like. but will white be better folks???

yea i's say white wud look better but i'd change the back lights to a more subtle style
  '92 172, Lotus Elise
when i had mine primed, they looked spot on in white! just not sure if i like the thought of keeping em clean! :(

now i have a 449 valver, am tempted to spray em williams gold ;). Or maybe rethink white. need to see some in the flesh
  Renault Clio 1.2
Yeah the wheels looks so much better in white!!

Does that mean your selling the black turbines?
Olli2004 said:
Yeah the wheels looks so much better in white!!

Does that mean your selling the black turbines?

no. lol

the black turbines that are on the car right now, are the turbines i am going to change from black to white.

although i have 2 spare turbines without tyres
yaaaaa ive got a red valver.. and want to do mine white...looks goood matey!!! :D did you spray em or powder coat em?
Still haven't painted mine. So much effort when I haven't got the money for tyres or an insurance policy on which I can lower the car..
I'm saving up though, just got a payrise as well. Roll on October and my new policy!

Gotta get all the dents sorted out first and I've just noticed along with the knocking noise coming from my suspension/driveshafts/whatever there's now also a high pitched squeel under hard acceleration. All money to pay out but it will get sorted!

BTW JLO, do 'em in white, will look awesome.