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my vts 1/4 mile time

  mk2 172

went to the pod with rhys and his girlfriend earlier, and what a top day it was, we couldnt race at first cos it was too wet so they had a big hairdryer on the ground eventually we could race and it was ok but wheelspin allway through to third. got a 15.9, then next two were 15.74 still with spin. had a couple more at 15.7-8 but i was gettin a bit pissed off at all the wheelspin, i was regularly matching 172 and ctr times) we all had major spin. so they stopped for nearly an hour at dinner to dry the track out. i had a race with a clio cup after dinner, the track was noticeably better with wheelspin reduced but still a lot there and got 15.60. was happy with that so i packed in after that. took the cup all the way to the finish line but i was faster off the mark but it really went in third gear and started cathcing. am totally convinced i could have bettered that on a dry day every run cos the 15.6 wasnt my slickest gearchanges of the day. took loads of scalps and rhys got loads of footage too, thanks mate.


ps, the car is totally standard, with nothing removed to lower weight etc and run on normal unleded petrol
  mk2 172

ah yeah, anyone in a vts change to fourth? i was hitting the limiter about 10/20 yrds before the line which/may/may not slow you down, was just crossing line on limiter which didnt do me any harm
  mk2 172

am e-mailing vid now, its poo quality wthout the sound to speed things up as i shouldnt be on here! my misses is wanting me aww.the vid only bout 2mb
  BMW 320d Sport

Nice work mate. Soon as Im back on the road Ive got to take it easy - brand new engine, big brakes and kevlar clutch will all need running in for 1500 miles!:( But once thats up Ill be at the first quarter miling day I can. Ill tow you across the line in 13s:p
  320d M Sport

niceone Craggy, shame i couldnt make it (172 miles there-ouch!!) dead jealous now though!! Cant wait for my first time (gonna have to be yourk i think). What times were the 172s pulling?


Yeah when I went to Santa Pod it was just slightly damp and because there is so much rubber laid down on the tarmac it made it really slippy. I was getting shed loads of wheelspin as changed up into 2nd, so only managed a couple of 14.8s and a 15.3

To be honest I think York is far better than the Pod, theyre more organised the ques move more quickly and the atmoshere is a lot more friendly!
  CTR EK9 turbo

Nice one. Good times.

Craggy - did you see my mate in his pulsar? He was getting consistant late 12s and managed a 12.74 secs so hes quite chuffed. Thats pretty good considering his clutch has taken a serious beating over time and he car only has a hybrid turbo, exhaust and filter.He went on a rolling road day and they told him 240 bhp.
  CTR EK9 turbo

Thatd be excellent mate! hed be pleased if ya caught it. It was his first time - on his first go he got 13.1 or something.

His was the grey standard looking one (standard rims) H-reg....
  CTR EK9 turbo

grey. H-reg, standard wheels, on his own driving. He was that guy you had a discussion with on the forum! remember? in the thread: "Cars youve crushed...."
  mk2 172

what time he get there? i went just after dinner when i was getting faster cos they dried it. was happy at that tho
  mk2 172

just been told on the ssc that i should have used fourth, faster time:( bastid and keep accelerating instead of bouncing off limiter
  CTR EK9 turbo

I know its not good on the clutch (mines on the way out at 25,000 miles) but why not try full throttle gear change from 3rd to 4th? in a light car it shouldnt do too much harm.

I dont know what time he was there, ill give him a text and find out.

Just watchin the Green Mile. That is one big dude!
  BMW 320d Sport

Yeah forgot to say Craggy, bouncing it off the limiter for more than a second will lose you time. How you gonna soup it up now, Im pretty sure 15.5 is attainable in a VTS with a couple of light mods.

Hardcore Sax youre spot on there, I cant stand the Pod, York is a hundred times better for exactly the reasons you said. At least you get some decent runs there, at the Pod Ive only ever had 3 or 4 runs in a day max. At York you have to actually take a break because youre going round so quickly.