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My Willy

trog, Is that an original exhuast at the back?

Ive got a pattern part rear box and I thing it might be noisier than the standard and mabe I loosing a bit of power to.

Thanx for the comments guys. The exhaust is standard but I have lost the chrome tailpiece and stuck a cheap one on, and now its rusting! Im looking for a decent one at the mo. The wheels were refurbished by Prestige wheels, £45 each I highly recommend them. They came round to my house whipped the wheels off and disappeared into the back of a large van A few hours later they emerged with a set of pristine wheels. They have all the gear including a compressor to sandblast the wheels down to bare metal. The original wheel colour does not have a colourcode so they mix paint to get a good match, they actually use Nissan paints. They finish the job with a clear lacquer which protects the paint and gives a gloss finish I hope this is of some help