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N95 software update help


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I am on Orange and my N95 is from 02, everytime i update the software version, it returns the phone to 02 settings/themes and i have to ring orange to get them to send the details for Wap,MMS etc etc.

Is there a way of updating software and retaining the settings i have at the moment, if i debrand it will that do it?
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Mine is de-branded and without it being so the s/w wouldn't be up to date, as the networks always take longer to release their firmwares.

Whenever I debrand mine, there's no need to enter settings other than email.
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When you update, it has to have a sim card in. In doing so, I personally thought it identifies the sim's network and then gives you all that providers access points etc.

My N95 8Gb is an unlocked Vodaphone one. When I put the T-mobile sim in and updated, the T-mobile internet access points were then put on the phone.

I did this however, after debranding the phone. This may have been the reason why I got all the settings I needed. Perhaps had I not debranded it, it may have still loaded all the Vodaphone settings.

Debranding is very easy if you follow the instructions in my other post. It's worthwhile as you get all the lastest firmwarew releases before the networks do, just like John says above.

I think you're going to debrand it as it must still assume it's an O2 phone as it will have an 02 product code. You need the generic one.

See my other post.