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  Lazy v8

tis nice quality stuff, tend to be a little fragile though, liquid ice had nothing but hassle with his i think.


ClioSport Club Member

liquid ice named himself after someone he knews company, my mate had the show 106 for liquid ice (specialists), he had a nakamachi head unit and yeah it wasent flash, it was expensive but it sounded amazing
  Clio 190bhp Hybrid

Nakamichi and Denon are the only HU I would go for. Nothing flash and no techno gimiicks, just plain and simple units with top quality sound.

You listen to ICE and shouldnt look at flashing things !!!

Check out specs and S/N ratio is usually a good indicator pf performance.
  Clio 190bhp Hybrid

Think I have heard of Becker from years ago, aret they part of Blaupunkt?

If looking for a HU try and get one that is preamp only. Internal amps arent that good and they cant be a true high powered unit when you see the size of equivalent powered amps. Stuff like the top Nakamichis even come with the DAC seperate just like real home hifi.

I dont really think its worth spunking such a huge amount of money on a stereo for your car. Your going to be driving about with engine noise and road noise so its not like the perfect sound quality from the speakers is going to be perfect when you head it due to all of the background noise. If youre sitting in McDonalds car park then its totally different because there is less background noise but thats just totally ghey.

remember, you can make a mini as quiet as a merc, sound deadening is well worth it in the aim of a decent set-up

they look sh*t, but apparently sound the dogs... so with subs and amps you will deffo get the attention you crave... and your car broken into...

Quote: Originally posted by TheJesus on 18 February 2005
<FONT style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #407db6">they look sh*t, but apparently sound the dogs... so with subs and amps you will deffo get the attention you crave... and your car broken into...

not if youre like me, and listen to the quality, not the volume ;)

only had one lot of ICE stolen, an thats because it was all on full show

amazing sound quality.

i had one ages ago and when i showed all my mates they laughed and said what the hell is that??? (because of its looks)

but when i whopped 6 CDs in the same hole, they soon changed their tune. lol
  Clio 190bhp Hybrid

Agree with Bryan as audio should all be about the quality and detail and delivery rather than volume. Hate all those who just add a sub and all you can hear is bass from a mile away.

If you think about it an ICE set up is probably the most cost effective mod you can do as a good one can go with you from car to car. A good one should last and not date.

I probably spend more time listening to music in my car than I do at home so why should my car hifi not be as good as you can get at home.

Best set up should be a HU with pre amp only as you can never get a good sound from these PMPO amps fitted in head units that declare larger outputs than seperate amps twice the HU size. Then get a decent amp and component speakers icnluding crossovers plus money for quality cabling, sound proofing and install costs.