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Need Advice on Phone Upgrade

  Skoda Fabia vRS
currently got a W800 which im very happy with to be honest, i can upgrade in about 2 weeks and was wondering what i should get

the phone must be around the same size as the W800, not be a flip phone, have a decent memory (or be upgradable), and be slim, i hate chunky phones

preferably SE but i would consider going back to Nokia for the right phone


ClioSport Club Member
Get the SE W810i i went from the W800i to this one! Basically works the same!! Plus you can now get the W810i in white instead of black from some companies
  ex Clio 172 owner :(
K800i. I used to have a W800i and loved it.

You won't be able to use your current memory card as they use a new, smaller M2 card.

It's very similar to the w800 though. Go here and click try the phone down the left. Pretty neat.

I have a N80 but my mates K800 gives slighter better pics. Plus the K800 has a proper digital camera style flash.

If you can get an N80, they are good. Seem chunky at first but really good phone.


  BMW M3 & Williams 3
I would rather get the K800 and sell it for £230.

To be honest, the only difference in the k800 to yours now, is the better camera, other than that you wont really be impressed.

Keep yours for another year, get the k800 and sell it, put the money in an account set-up with direct debit for the monthly bill, 8 months or so free contract..
  clio 182 FF
K800 for taking amazing pics but if want to use the light as a torch then tough cauz it doesnt have one like the k750i or the w800i plus the video mode is crap at night unlike my old k750i also you will need to get a new memory stick for it as it uses M2 instead of the old Duo .
  Skoda Fabia vRS

im thinking K800 at the moment but the light thing really puts me off as i use it a lot, ive seen info about an app you can use to turn the orange/red light on but im not sure that will work that well for what i use it for

usually its easy to choose an upgrade as a lot of the good phones come out around this time, but this year is rubbish
  Fiesta ST/172
I had the k750i for a week, but back in july upgraded to the k800i and its a great little phone. a bit bigger but the camera is awesome

stick with sony ericsson!!