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Need advice

  1.4 Fiesta!!!

Ive been looking round for a mk1 172 for a while now. There seems to be less and less good ones about now. Most of them seem to have between 30-60k on the clock. Is this average?
I was looking at one in a garage yesterday. The bloke wants £8750 for it and its done 40k. The bodywork didnt seem to bad, no obvious dents or scrapes and the engine seems fine. The thing that worried me a bit was the interior. The seats, carpets, dash was ok but some of the chrome/metal trim like the gear knob and the arm rests was quite worn and the steering wheel was worn a bit too.
Is this anything to worry about, does this mean the car hasnt been looked after properly? Or, is this kind of thing normal?
Can these things be put right or replaced easy or should I walk away and keep looking at more cars?

Any mk1 owners got any advice,

Cheers, J
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Have a good look around the interior and decide for yourself whether the wear and tear is really indicative of a 40k car. It really shouldnt be that bad at 40k. Do you have an opportunity to speak to the previous owner(s) to verify the mileage? £8750 sounds like quite a lot too. You could always post the reg. number on here and see whether anyone recognises it..
  1.4 Fiesta!!!

The reg number is W914 HDY and the former owners name was Steve. ANYONE RECOGNISE!

To be honest that price seems to be quite average at the moment. I phoned another garage earlier about a silver mk1 172 Xreg they had for sale. They had sold it last week for £8995 with 60k on the clock, mind you the salesman said it was a minter, but then do we believe him! ;)


Mines a MkII but it could be yours for £10.5k - 02 reg in black with 9.5k on the clock.....interested?



  Shiny red R32


Regarding believing what a car salesman says!

Never believe any car salesman! The lies just tumble out of their mouths every time they open them! :mad:

You should have heard the UTTER RUBBISH I was told by a car salesman about the INFERIORITY of imports!!! They are exactly the same as their over priced dealer cars. Same warranty, same everything, but hundreds of pounds cheaper.

They always try to kid gullible people. IGNORE THEM. :sick:
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Sh1t GirlRacer why such the bright colours ? I have now got a migraine. This is better than standing in a packed night club looking at the lasers and strobes.
  1.4 Fiesta!!!

Thanks for the advice GR, sounds like you really dont like em!! LOL :D

Sorry Phil but I have to buy from a trader because I need to PX my current car. I want to get a mk1 anyway, I think they may hold there value quite well being as there arent many around now.
  Abarth 595 Trufeo

My steering wheel is not as fluffy as when I first got the car - it is understandable considering the amount of use it gets - mines has just done 12500. Also the silver drivers door inlay on mine is a little scratched from where I used to wear a braclet.

I love my clio and wash it inside and out once a week but you can still see it has been used.

I suppose the style of driving varies between us all and the one who owned that particulary clio maybe liked to rest his arm on the armrest alot, therefore resulting in wear and tear.

The gear knob should brighten up with a good clean - they get grimmy too.

I think that is quite a cheap price for a Mk1

Around where I am I have seen them going for upto £11000.

My local Renault dealer had a X reg exclusive in for £11995 and they sold that.

Keep on looking as in my opinion the MK1 are the best.


I took me AGES to find a minter, but the perseverance paid off!!! I think you just need to stick at it.

Also you are obviously bumping up what you will pay by just looking at traders. Could you not sell yours privately?

The steering wheel comes up well with a domestos wet wipe.....

Good luck