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need help urgently

dear fellow mates,
i have a friend who just bought a new black 182 just 6500 KM on the clock (still new) and he drove it for 2000 KMs with no races and today when i was racing with him whenever he tries to put in second gear it won't. it did for a couple of times and then it went to second gear. i wanted to race him again and the same thing happened again, we pulled over, i went to check the problem, the second gear won't get in at all !!!!!!!!!!! he was so pissed off. he worked so hard to buy this car and this happened to him. he know must go from 1st to 3rd gear !!!!! and also when he turn off the car a very disturbing sound like something is kicking in the engine ???!!!! what could this be. please tell me your thoughts because he can't sleep at all. i have silver 182 and i raced alot and this never happened to me.
  Lionel Richie
clicking is the exhaust cooling down

gearbox will be the linkage, or the box is damaged, warranty time