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Need some help

  Civic Em1, Civic Eg4
Changed my mind again now and think im going to go for the Nikon D50.
Can see that everyone on here recommends a Nikon, so must be quite good
  ff 182
why go for new cameras?, there some cracking second hand cameras going on ebay.such has fuji dx1 nikon d2h..even the d200 can be had for 400 or less if you beats me why people go spend £400-£500 on new entry level cameras when theres better much better things around...i got the fuji s3 and the dx1.there no more harder to ues then a d50 realy. .....d50 is good but for the same price the d70s is better..imo.....take a little time on dpreveiw looking at reviews..
  LoW clio Sh*t...&..
Nikon user would recommend you a Nikon and a Canon user would recommend you a Canon. Your best bet is to pop into a shop and have a play with the different cameras. You then choose whichever you feel comfortable with. As for me id say Nikon all day. ;)