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Who'd 'ave 'em.

Jenny; "James, bought a 7D, come round"

I go round and she gives me a 40D and a 5D mk1 (mk2 is her back up to the 7D), two batteries each, 4 8gig cards, a LowePro bag; last time this happened I came away with a 28-135 canon lens and a 70-300DO.


I really need to get my arse into gear and shoot more!


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damn I thought this would be an epic neighbours thread. Harold!
Lol, married and at 50 I hope not!

Not got children or family of their own, both professors for major Pharm companies and never around, always off to artic or Churchill for the bears or this or that, chimps, gorillas, king penguines, you name it. She's starred in the National Geographic because of her pictures.

One side of things that I aspire to!
  LoW clio Sh*t...&..
Nice one mate. We hope to see some pictures from it and not it being stored away in some corner. ;)


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It doesn't say Nikon on it?

You have s**t neighbours.

He got it for free...didnt mention having to pay THEM to take it off their hands....:rasp:

Id happily buy the 40d off you to use as a secondary....fancy selling it? Give you a ton and a handjob? :cool:
Lol at the responses. She breathes money but only towards this. Drove a Golf TDI until her husband bought her something better!

Offers may be accepted, but not until I've had a play :)