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Neon - Good or Baaaaaaad

Just popped into my local Halfords and they have neon strips to be put under the car in various colours. I have seen them on a few cars and I think they look really good, make the car stand out, are these tacky and considered a no no or are they allowed in the sense that they look good ?

Comes down to personal preference I suppose but opinions would be great.

utter utter utter crap

why the hell do you want to light up the road under your car ?

weird idea....

small animals might like them when you drive over them but other than that you might as well give me the money and ill find something much more worthwhile to spend it on.....
  ICE'dberg MK2 172

When i was in Florida i saw a Trans Am "float by" as if it was something out of Star looked real kewl!!.....but, then I was in Florida.

Not sure if it works over here in blighty??
  Leon Cupra

A Max Muppet must have:p, that’s why I don’t have them. These people don’t realise that passers by are laughing their tits off at them and not looking because they like the neon’s. Just my 2p each to his own.


p.s. please don’t!!!:(
  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

Looked good on the Civics in Fast and Furious, but a bit tacky on the cars I have seen them on in real life (1 Nova, & 1 Cossie).

O.........K ! More or less makes up my mind, saw them on a Pug 206 CC and thought they looked good but...................... ah well !
  BMW 320d Sport

Do what you think is right. They can look quite good on some cars, but the thing is you need your car to be very low and generally very big for it to look quality. Looks sh*t on smaller cars especially if theyre high up off the ground. The biggest no-no is being able to see the tubes.

I wouldnt rule it out entirely on a Clio, Ive often thought blue neons might be nice for when youre parked up at a cruise or a meet or something. Just not while youre driving.

I hear what you are saying Nick, I thought the Pug looked good parked up at the time, would be great for shows and stuff I think.

Well I wanted to see what people would thought and I do not want to be associated with boy racers and guys in clapped out novas.

Another idea bites the dust, would look different but then I want it to look different without looking sh*t !
  FRST and 106 GTi

ok neon...

I dont like them to be used on my cars. For some time now, neons are starting to be used on computers... ya whatever!

Personally, I dont like to show off, so all my stuff goes visualy equal to anybody else... but, do they run/work like anybody elses?

They can look great - Ive fitted them to my and despite what these fellas think they look pretty good. You cant see the tube at all so the only time you know theyre there is when theyre on. My valvers white and the tubes are purple, its a nice contrast. Not sure how it would look on a 172 though...

fair enough if u want to do it but why not spend the money on something that you can see in the daytime as well... not just at night and when u r parked up ????

VR6man, I see your points, I see both sides to the story, just caught my eye that is all and thought they looked different on the Pug Cabriolet that was all.
  Skoda Fabia vRS

i personally like em, as long as you cant see the tubes and the colour is good for the car


  Shiny red R32

They would be alright on a dodgem car at the fair, but I agree with the majority of replies! Cheap and trashy on a nice car:cry:

i like em and i got em!! green on a green car, i reckon looks nice, dont drive with em on though due to pigs, but leave em on when parking at meets or shows etc....but agree can look sh*t on certain cars, my mate got exactly the same as me on a green 205 and it dont look right for some reason..

  Cupra K1 & Clio 200

I think neons are a nice touch, IF your car is nicely moded or already stands out. If NEEDS to be lowered, and prefrebly with nice skirts so it hides the tubes!! Otherwise, if they are on a standard then they wont look very good.


dont do it it will drore the filths atention to you spend you money on sumthing to make your car go faster coz if you are thinking about puting silly lights under you car it must look ok BHP is the way forwould;)

Theres a yellow clio that I see around with green neon underneath and I have to say I think it looks turd. Have to agree with turbodaley on this one, go for extra power rather than extra tat. :)

If u want it to look good then contact WRC Ltd in Newcastle. They sell multi coloured neons (green and purple kinda thing going on).

Neons are only any good on a completed show car where u wanna show off at night. Remember, they are completely illegal to have them switched on whilst driving, unless u have a red one at the back and a white one at the front, but, whilst parked up, say at a cruise they are ok.

Do it, if it is what you like then why not? If there aint many people around where u live with them then it will make you stand out a bit more.

Just my 2 pence worth (btw used to have them but got sick so dont now)

I used to have them on my old 1.4 RT i thought they looked very good at the time. I agree with evryone that they only look good on some cars and lowered ones help. The thing is, from the point of view of someone who has owned a set is that you get bored of them after a while. Once everyone has seen them it becomes nothing new to people and you start turning them on less and less. Eventually you just dont put them on at all. I agree with a previous post which said spend the money on something that you can see in the day. Hope this helps.

Youll need matching LED washer jets and dust caps and to finish it off, a red LED bar to make it look like Knight Rider....
  BMW 320d Sport

Well neons always bring out strong opinions. My advice is do what you think is right - its your car and no-one elses.
  Clio v6

I think neons are a great idea, but maybe as some have said it depends what they are on. Fixed to a Willy they would be very useful. Small mind etc.........
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Ive seen boot installs with neons that looked really effective - its really just for shows / cruises though I guess. Under the car? TFATF was one thing, real life in the UK is entirely another.
  Clio v6

Yes maybe for shows. A clear perspex engine cover with neons under it would show off my engine nicely.

Ah but only if one is a show off kind of person?

If you have to have a neon underbelly lighting effect then PLEEEEAAAAASSSSSEEEEE go watch Back to the future 2. Look for the scene where the car flys over Martys housing estate. Really cool looking green lights that strobe back and forward. That is what you want cos they look good. Then again, I suppose you also need a flying Delorian (flux capicitor optional). But then again, wouldnt we all want one?

  mk2 172

for pleasure it wouldnt be only a iv heard from some women di da di do