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Net Gear / Wanndoo

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Depends how the netgear router is configured. You need to get into the router config (type in OR in your internet browser to get to the router login page - you'll need the username and password combination, which is usually admin/password).

From there you need to find out if its broadcasting its SSID aka the wireless network name (this could be the reason your card isn't picking it up, if the router isn't broadcasting its presence then you'll get nada when you search for it). Also, is encryption enabled, if so, is it a kind the wanadoo card can support? WEP is the least secure, but most common form of wireless encryption there is. Make a note of the passphrase or the key with all the numbers and letters and you'll have to put that in when the card finally does detect the network.

Ummm..kinda hard to give more advice without more info. See what you can do with what I've told you and we'll take it from there.

network connect picks up NETGEAR in the search menu. when i try to connect to it. just dont connect no error message or nothing
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belkin are better than netgear. in my opinion. never had any probs with my belkin router
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Agreed, Belkin probably are better than Netgear for the advanced stuff, but generally theres nothing in it. My company supplies its customers with Netgears because there's so little to go wrong!

Right, so you can detect the network, but not connect to it? You're using Windows XP wireless network configuration right? Or does the wanadoo thing come with its own config software?

How do you know it's not connected? no internet access? something else could be causing that, like a firewall perhaps, but what's most likely is the network key needs to be typed in somewhere.

EDIT: Ya fixed it while I was typing. Kudos to you :)