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New Backbox

I want to get a new backbox for my 172 MkII. I dont really want a de-cat system, just make the back of the car look better and give the engine a better sound. I do quite a bit of motorway driving so dont want to be deafened. I gather the Magnex 6x4 is pretty loud. Are there any other options or am I wrong about the Magnex? Dont really want to get one fitted and find I need ear defenders on the M4!

Any advice would be appreciated.
  Renault Laguna Coupe

I got a Magnex twin round outlet (cat-back system) last week. They are loud at certain speeds - mines a bit of a pain around 75-80 but then calms down as you get faster. Around town is no problem at all. Best to get a cat back rather than just the back box - at least then the whole thing is Magnex and you can add a de-cat later if you want. With a back box only you end up with a sawn in half Renault centre section - a bit of a cut and shut job. There are some pics of mine in the Exterior mods forum in a thread called Magnex twin-round outlet or something like that.
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Mine was £337 fitted (Demon Tweeks). I guess you can save a few bob if youre handy with the spanners.