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New Bosch Wipers


  Audi TT Stronic

They look the dogs dangles, funny you should post this as I was gonna upgrade my wipers, I am like a freak when it comes to my wipers.. they must wipe silently and leave a dry window with no smears behind.

ooh they even come with there own spoilers.. hehe. the look good aswell

lol wow.... I was going to say bosch I have tried them but found cheaper ones to wipe the window better... BUT WOW these look the dogs



I dont know otherwise i wouldnt of posted

these are a revolution they only need the rubber blade to change when they are worn and its easy to do it just slots in

tryed to get in contact with bosch but no joy...............
  Silver Fabia vRS

They do look good and I find the original ones leave marks on the side of the windscreen where there isnt enough downforce. Will try and invest in some of these.

Me too... gonna try at my local halfords...

The blurbs says that the wipers are designed for individual models windscreens. Does this mean that there will be just a clio variant or specific ones for a mk1 172 and a mk2 172, and for the various other mks and types of clio?