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New Car time.....



The 172 is about to go (company car), new job. thinking about spending upto £500/month.

What cars would people recommend? new/used will consider most things.


  EV (s)

what you looking for? sporty? comfort? speed? combination?

for that money you could get a nice motor


It has to be fairly quick, 7.5 secs 0-60 and below preferably. only real thing is that is should have 4 seats :(, my fiancee wants a baby after we are married! but i may be able to get around the four seats. comfort i can live with out!


the evo6 was my very first choice, much prefer the looks! but yes i could possibly afford the car but then you have to keep the thing on the road. insurance, tyres etc... I have just about persuaded myself that its a bad idea.;) so no more mention of the evo word.


  EV (s)

not an evo its to harsh for everyday use and it drinks fuel like no tomorrow

what about a fully loaded seat cupra r

very nice motor

or an S3

or an golf r32

or a used audi S8 (175mph 0-60 in 6 secs 25-30k 2yrs old)


I have thought about the

Cupra R - possibilty for mods + cheapest

civic Type R + quiter like, a/c extra!

S3 not sure, very expensive for the speed

golf r32 not really heard much about this one yet

Keep the ideas coming, i think i need a test drive or two!


  EV (s)

its pretty much down to

Astra GSI turbo

Civic Type R

Seat Leon Cupra R

Focus RS

Audi S3

Golf V6 4 Motion

Audi TT

Lotus Elise (i know)

Skoda Octavia RS (i know)

3 Series Compact (?)

C-Class Sport coupe

MG ZT 180

Impreza WRX(£3000 off at the mo)

R32 Golf is at

3.2 VR6 engine puttin around 240hp n 320nm torque (if i remember correctly). Nice recaro lookin leather seats. Xenons . Climate, CD , auto light , auto dimmer u know the usual "auto this auto that" rolls on 18inche of OZs

0-60 around 6.5 or so. Top out at 250kms 6 speed manual.

wutelse.... oh 4 seater but 2 doors


Astra GSI turbo - vauxhall!!!!!! may be im a snob!

Civic Type R - possible

Seat Leon Cupra R - possible

Focus RS - possible, trying to keep the 172 in a straight line is hard enough!

Audi S3 - possible, new ones are better than older ones

Golf V6 4 Motion - possible, still cant work out with such "high" bhp figures they get so "slow" 0-60 times

Audi TT - one word, hairdresser, but i do quite like them!

Lotus Elise (i know) - friend has one, totally unpractable

Skoda Octavia RS (i know) - possible

3 Series Compact (?) would have to be in the 330 area - expensive

C-Class Sport coupe - ????

MG ZT 180

Impreza WRX(£3000 off at the mo) - would have to be the sti, had an imported sti acouple of years ago, new one comes out early next year

How about a Honda Accord Type R, I think it will have the performace you are after and has 4 doors? I had the same problem, the wife wants kids so I needed more space. The CTR has more than enough room but 4 doors would be better. Will be keeping an eye on the new Accord (hopefully they do a Type R).

Like the look of the mazda 6 but not sure about the performance side.

Tom, I though they were doing like a Type S but not the type R.???

Actually come to think about it I have seen some Euro R pictures (whatever that is???)
  evo x rs


I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!

Alfa 147 GTA - 3.2ltr 247bhp????

Id go with the Accord Type R though. Nice car.

In the words of EVO knowlege - "One of the finest front-drivers you can buy"

forest how comes u didnt try orderin the Warrender Sti? I feel sorry for you guys in UK u guys get the detune jap cars. We can get the full jap specs here in nz but not those CTR we dont even get any new ones need to import them. but our Evo n Stis are all runnin on 280hp

Actually I like drivin the E7 but E6 is definately the racer type Evos E7 kinda soften down a bit even have sound deadenin hehehe my friend sold his E6.5 Tommi Makinen. I think he might be kickin himself now

The R32 making 6.5ahha yeh but lets not forget that V6 4 motion aint light n adding on a few more kgs in the R type its gonna be heavier... plus They r not using "Evo" close ratio gear box plus the gear box isnt the greatest thing on earth. perhaps thats where the speed is....Still i have a promotional video on it ... the V6 purrsssssss soundsoo so soso good ..... more on par with Clio V6 actaully



Were are you ordering the sti from?

I will need the car in the next month, notice period! so I may get something to keep me going for a couple of months or may go for the cupra or civic.

Main reason being a change of house may be on the cards. So i dont think i should go silly on the car front! i must be growing up. :( when i start putting things in front of myself

Cdee if u like italian flavour try the 156GTA u will like it . Well at least i luv it its definately fast enough (ok ok evo n sti are faster) but the mid range speed is definately close to the UK standard spec Sti .


  EV (s)

oh yeah missed that one

still think cupra r is best bet

it comes with everything

the only option on that is satnav

and its so easy to get 225bhp + from it

i think the best is go drive all of them n take the one u like the best... we can sit here n tell u how great they r but its different when u drive one. Its like Michael Schumacher tellin us how easy to drive a F1 car to championship ahhaha

i think at the seat homepage. i just came across an article on Seat Cupra R they say its big bucks but even Recaro, brembo n wutever are options. The car comes in at 19000pound n option up to 21000 ..... ok I dont know if its true coz i m in NZ but that was from CARS uk magazine
  evo x rs

custom fleet, i always have my cars on contact hire. Although those prices are plus VAT. But if your not running it through your business (if you own one) then you can have it on private contract hire.

At the minute loads of companys are doin the curent WRX for under £300 per month.

Try and phone them up and get a price. The figure I quoted you was on the current model. But the new model will be about the same. Its all based on residual values.