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new car

deposit paid , just awaiting an mot and service and i will be picking up an 09 plate 197 cup.sometime this week cant wait:p
Got the car on Wednesday. Love it to bits will post some photos soon can't stop driving it at the minute handles just lovely
  Clio 1.2 Dynamique
New car! It has issues.

Hi, this is my first post woo me :) Okay so I've got a 2004 1.2 Clio Dynamique that is picked up for £700 with 61k on the clock. It's been a little neglected but i still think it's a bargain.
Problems: The sunroof was leaking (Typical of a Clio haha) FIXED
It had been keyed :( FIXED
Right front wheel bearing has gone. NOT FIXED
And now the biggie: I think the leaky sunroof has caused a few electrical faults, it's definitely leaked into the fuse box, and now every now and then the dash light for the rear fogs comes on, the fogs don't, but my dash lights up. The intermittent wipers don't seem to be working either, and neither do the auto lights. I tried replacing the fuses but I couldn't work out which were the ones I needed. Just wondered if this is a fuse issue or something a bit more annoying?

Thanks, Jordan.