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New Celicas

How fast are these?

I was driving early today in my freshly cleaned car so i think he must of mistaken me for a 172 as my cars black (looks colour coded if you squint!). He kept trying to pull away but my little clio snapped him up round the bends/roundabouts. Id also like to say the 1.2s sound good at 3750-5500rpm :)

There is a 190 or T-sport as they are sometimes called. 190 bhp 0-60 in a shade over 7 I think - I had a red one nailed to my bumper yesterday on the A43 - couldnt shake the bugger.
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Had a drag from the lights with a T-Sport before Christmas - no problem at all. I suspect theyre pretty good once they get rolling though.

190s are like the old VTECs used to be, all power and torque high up in the rev band. Doesnt start to lift its skirt until above 6000rpm and even then its only 133lb/ft.


  Shiny red R32

Too angular for me, I prefer the older, more rounded model, as long as it is in black!

The new celica has been a real let down in my view, they suffer from poor torque, had one on my bumper the other day,driving real aggressive i was going about 50mph he looked like he was about to overtake, let him by and thought lets see what there made of, almost ran into the back of him, before absolutely blasting by, look on his face was priceless, think it was the 1.8VVTi so not anything special, but was still dissapointed as some1 down the road owns one and raves about how fast it is:p

I remember when they came out, and they raced one on TV with 2 other cars. One was a Vectra 2.0 16v, and the Vectra was level with it..

Please stop saying P1.. Im trying to control my drooling habit!