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New Clio Mk4 RS LED Taillights on previous model?

  Renault Clio 4 RS
Hi everyone! Hope this is posted in the correct section.

So the other day I visited my local Vospers dealership to see what they had in stock. They had a new 2016 Clio RS Mk4 Facelift model which I liked, but it was a lot of money to change from my 2014 model to the 2016 model. One thing that I REALLY liked the look of was the new rear LED lights...

Here's what my 2014 RS rear taillights look like (This isn't my car, it's just a random image from google)..


These lights look okay, but the new 2016 Facelift lights look so much better..

So this leads me nicely onto my question. Is there anyway at all to transfer the new 2016 rear lights into the old model? I've noticed that I think they're both the same size units, however it's the electrical side of things that I think could be an issue. The older unit uses standard bulbs, however the newer one uses LEDs. Do you think it's at all possible?

I know a very, very good electrician who deals in cars electrics as a full time job. I'm just wondering if anyone's attempted it before I contact him.