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New member from Essex

  Monaco Blue 172

Been into Peugeots most of my life so thought I'd make a change and go all Clio for a while, new purchase being a 172 in Monaco Blue.

Only driven it back home from buying it so yet to have some fun in it.

Couple of issues

1. CD Changer is getting no power to it
2. Drivers cable has snapped so doesn't flip forward
3. Headlights are really misty and scratched

Other than that it seems ok, got lots of history with it plus a Cliosport tax disc holder.....Former owner on here perhaps ?!?!




Anyway, I don't know anything about Clio's so bound to ask lots of questions, got a mate on here, Steve (Fantom) who is bound to here from me once back off holiday

Any help or advice appreciated



ClioSport Moderator
Looks an honest enough motor from those pictures, a good polish could save those headlights, or at worst a wet sand and machine polish.

With regards to the seat, you can fix it but it's a bit awkward, new seats come up on here quite often though so that's an option.

Welcome to the club.
  Monaco Blue 172
Will check that link out, cheers Brian.

Seems honest enough, just going through paperwork.

So far found original bill of sale, every MOT Cert it's had apart from the first. Loads of service receipts, stamped up book.

Had timing belt/aux belt and waterpump done at 27k in May 2006 and done again at approx 72k in Feb 2010
  172 Clio Sport
welcome mike, ur only up the road lol we've got the same prob, my clio has nasty front lenses :(