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New member from up north...

  2004 RS182 (BG)
...No, not Scotland, Finland. :D

Just joined the club, and still a bit shaken.

It all started this July. I had promised myself something nice for my 30th b-day, but never had it crossed my mind that "something nice" would end up being a 2004 RS 182 in black, my first car.

I've actually grown up driving Clios, as my parents have owned samples of all 3 generations of em. The first car that I drove was a 1991 1.2 RN with absolutely no extras. Back then it actually was a nice car, many of my friends either didn't have any access to a car or had to use much older ones (of course there were the few lucky ones with new Audis, BMWs, Jags etc). But I actually had it nice, with basically unlimited access to my moms Clio, since the day I turned 18. Over the years I've driven Clios with 1.2, 1.4 and 1.6 lumps, 1st, 2nd and 3rd gen. But the sporty ones have always been out of reach, daydreams.

Since then I've grown up a bit (at least that's what I keep telling myself :clown:) So, this summer I finally started adding up sums, put my foot down and decided to get a cheap and old, early ninetees Clio Williams. So it happened. I started my search and soon test drove two examples. The Willy was nice, a true motoring classic, but... You know the old advice: "Never drive your childhood dream cars"... There just might be some truth to that. :( No matter how nice and sporty the Williams was back in the day, it just didn't pull my strings now. Glad I tried it though.

So I decided to go for something slightly newer. The ball kept rolling, things escalated and after one month of endless emails, telephone calls and test drives. I somehow had ended up with a RS 182 in Black with Eibach springs and 17" Momo wheels. :D Almost tripled my original budged on the way. :eek:

But here I am. And for the moment, could not be happier! The car is in very good condition with only a few minor scrathes and one small dent on the bodywork. The interior still has the "new car smell". And mechanically everything is in good nick.

Things done:

  • Zaino'd weekly
  • New Bosch Aerotwin wipers
  • Ipod connectivity (to be done with Connects 2 components)
  • TomTom XL IQ Routes navigation

Repairs and mods planned:

  • New windshield
  • Brake overhaul (Brembo Max discs, Ultimax pads)
  • Powerflex bushes (front)
  • Milltek/Janspeed catback
  • Performance filter/Induction kit (K&N or Pipercross)
  • Dynamat all over the place
  • ICE (Focal speakers, amps and sub)
  • Carbon engine cover
  • Lower dash, center console, steering column and steering wheel rim upholstered with alcantara.

Attached a few pictures of my baby. Hope you like it, I sure do. :D





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  2004 RS182 (BG)
Cheers Laura. Thanks Paul. Nice to be here. :cool:

Wasn't a big fan of the wheels myself at first. I actually tried to bargain them of the deal, but wouldn't get a good enough price... But they kind of grow on you. I quite like em now. Will defo get a second set for the winter though. Anthracite 16" Turinis maybe.
  2004 RS182 (BG)
Thank you all for the warm welcome. Not only nice cars, but nice peeps as well. :D

...Nice intro too :)

Thanks. I'm just so stoked to have my own RS. Never thought I'd have a chance to. As I said, been mostly driving mundane ones.

...mistä päin hesast oot?

Töölössä asustan. (Translation: Q: What part of Helsinki? A: I live in Töölö)

...Good choice in colour too :cool:

Cheers mate. Black is the new black. ;)