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New member looking for a Clio sport

  Clio 182 RS
Hi all.

Just joined the forum looking to either buy a 182 or a 200 not too much of a wish list other than my favourite colours are racing blue in the 182 and alien green in the 200.
Love both models and I'd be happy with either however the 182 seems to get better reviews? I've only just started looking don't really have Trophy budget but I'd rather buy a nice clean example of either a 182 or 200. I'd rather pay more for a clean example than buy something cheaper. Looks a good forum and I look forward to using it once I get my hands on a Clio.
Any advice appreciated and if anyone is thinking of selling, especially in the colours above let me know.



ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 172
They're both superb cars, but the 200 is very different. It's more modern, better equipped, less noisy and with more room. But it's also heavier and lacks some of the rawness/eagerness of the 1*2s. For a daily I'd take the 200, for a weekend car I'd take the 182. On the track I'd be happy with either.
Both models have issues with gearboxes. Anything that crunches into gear (3 to 4th is most common) will require a rebuild that will cost 700-800 (assuming you don't do it yourself). The belts and dephasers are an expensive job to to. 650-750 and someone with experience is recommended as it's a fiddly job and there isn't much margin for error when setting up the timing.
The 1*2's are all getting to the age now where they're going to need suspension work and bushes/wishbones etc replacing to keep them feeling good. The 1*2's are better on suspension and brakes than a lot of cars due to their light weight. Most parts are generally cheap, easy to find and don't need any specialist knowledge to fit. Most jobs (Belts and dephaser aside) can be done at home with normal tools. Renault parts direct are a good source of quality spares f you want to look at part prices.
I've not owned a 200, but I have heard the hubs can wear and cause knocks/looseness.
The 1*2s are also starting to have some rust problems, on the jackpoints (due to poor jacking technique), around the filler cap, behind the side skirts and insider the rear panels. They are better than most cars of the era, it's just something to watch out for. The 200 radiator carrier/chassis cross member is also a rust trap.
Look out for things like cup packs and really nice optional extras like recaro seats.
Good luck hunting for one. I bought my 172 as a cheap town car and I love it. I've spent the purchase price over again on getting it up to a decent condition and I drive it at every opportunity.
  Clio 182 RS
Bankrupt thank you for taking the time to give me the comparisons between the 182 and 200. I'm siding with the 182 to be honest it looks to me like the future classic if kept good- bit like Renault 5 gt.

Thanks again for your advice I'll be sure to post up my new Clio when I find the right car.