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Hi folks

Been reading your discussions for the past week think its great had to join in.

I drive a williams 2 at the moment thinking of buying a 172. Should i spend the money on modifying my williams or buying a 172????

Martyn p
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Welcome mate

Mod the willy they are f##king quick when tuned, thats coming from someone who owns a 172 mk2.



Dont know about them being nicer but theyre definitely more rare, so Id stick with it if I were you mate! If I trusted myself to buy another 2nd hand car again (after buying some lemons in the past!) then I might have got one instead of my 172 Mk1 !!!:eek:
  BMW 320d Sport

Definitely mod the Willy. Not that 172s arent a bloody quick, fully loaded Clio, but the Willy has that certain je ne sais quois!

Willy is a damn fine clio, but best keep it standard, much nicer to have a totally original, immaculate Williams than one thats been modded to fekk...also disagree about 172s, I would go for one of theose myself...lovely quick car, loadsa goodies as standard, and new so no expensive repair bills, if still under largely hassle free, speedy motoring...and themk1s look mean as buggery, and seem to be just as rare as willys on the roads....unlike mk2s. :) (oh no what have I said!!!!!)
  Audi S3

Never is the 172 as rareas the willy i saw 4 in the space of 4 mins the other day and the only willy ive seen round here is Louises!

Keep the willy mate u wont regret it!