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New member

Hi all,

Just joined up to the forum which looks really good!Although I own a Fiat Coupe 20V turbo,Ive just bought a new 172 Sport for my missus and me to blat around in.For handling Ive not driven anything like the Clio Im really impressed as it would stuff my Fiat on a bendy road.Also the level of driver involvement is again really good making you want to thrash it everywhere.Anyone else local to Long Eaton got one? would be interested to see how a run in one performs

welcome to the mad house - good to hear you are enjoying the clio, even if it isnt strictly yours - you have to be careful else you will be converted and will have to have a family of clios (well we do anyway!!!) :):):)

Yes in a straight line they will scare most things (especially enjoy chewing up scoobies who think they will leave you for dead not)Once you start to tweak them they become scarily fast, the only thing that has beat me is an Merc AMG 55, found out they push out about 375 bhp!!
  Abarth Grande Punto

hiya matey welcome to cliosport! I love the fiat coupe i see one ever morning and look really smart!