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New member

Hi all I am a new member to the forum and find it a great place to find information. I have a MK2 172 which I have owned for 3 months but I have a couple of faults with it and I wondered if anybody had the same problems and new what the cure was. The first problem is my electric windows squeak badly when used and the second is a vibration on the passenger side when on a motorway doing 75mph.
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Andy I have the Electric windows squeek mate I just live with it now.

The rattle is exactly the same as mine (4000rpm mine happens and its coming from the passenger side like yours) and Geoff one of the admin team is getting this sorted on his car so we shall see what it is soon.

Welcome mate and enjoy your clio !

hiya! im from southampton too! r u silver or black?

and did u get the web site off the back of my car by any chance as i had a 172 behind me the other day and it wasnt craigy

if u wanna go to a meet, me, craigy and james will be going from soton to the south east area meet in the meetings section....

Hi Andy and welcome - think the 4000 rpm rattle/vibration is verrrry common - I have it in mine, but mine (I think) is drivers side!!! Still, just turn the stereo up and it goes away - amazing that !!!!

Enjoy !!