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New Pics and one SHOCKER.


ClioSport Club Member

I braved the sh*t weather today and managed to get a few pics of the 172 and dutty_112s Clio.

Pics were taken near Fiddlers Ferry power station in Widnes....sorry if they are not up to usual standard but as i said, the weather was sh*t and i was hungry.:oops:

and then on the way home to Warington we see this...

As Alan Partridge would say "lovely stuff"

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Quote: Originally posted by carbon copy on 08 April 2005

oh yeah....

you buy a french pay.

no no no oooooo, u have low springs u have to be careful!!! :cool:


ClioSport Club Member

Quote: Originally posted by Dan Page on 08 April 2005

i really like them wheels! how much are they?
dunno mate. they were on the car when i bought it.

anyone want to swap from some Turinis?

thinking of selling them if i cant get a swap....looking for about £300 with nearly new tyres.

PM me if your interested.


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Those wheels on the Evo were Enkei jobs. That Puntos the nuts by the way LOL

Youd think it was obvious enough that its a Punto without drawing more attention to the fact!
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Ive got them rims on mine. They sell them at topgear in West Brom Dan. They are £600 and are bk121s


Very nice clios black ones mint and the mk1 172 looks Fab them wheels look very nice on that car;)

Also i noticed on your other pics what samco is that hose off that you have on your car (mk1 172)???

  ex Clio 172 owner :(

Lovely pics.

Really wish I had bought a mk1 172 rather than a VTS. Didnt like them at the time due to the mk2 being out but theyve grown on me so much.