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New Site Now Live

ITs finally finished but its up and running now
Cliosport discount code is Dw1

Discounts apply to all products appart from detailing kits
The butter wet wax is more of a liquid wax,some people prefer the liquid ones.
The only difference in my opinion is that the butter wet wax is quicker to use
What do you reccomend to buy, I have no really good cleaning products yet??

Is there like a kit which has everything you need?

Thanks mate cool site
In the deatiling kits section there are a few different kits ,the professional one has evrything you need and is a selection of the best prodcuts from the store.
am happy now email just recived saying it been shipped, only been 1 hour sinced i ordered lol great !!!


  V6, Trackhawk, GTS
Great service from David, (Or rather through my b**ch Alan) lol

You got those wash mitt's bak in yet?
  Hyundai coupe
what did you buy dave??? everytime i go down to see david i end up parting with some cash i may as well give him my bank card lol
i got some quick detail spray wax and shine, and a blue mf cloth.

if that question was aimed at me lol
  Hyundai coupe
yeh it was lol.

what was the spray and wax like?? is it pink in colour or is it the blitz sealant(white in colour) ??