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New speed cameras!

  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

They have just put some new cameras up near to were I live. They are very similar to the usual GATSOs but slightly smaller and have 2 round lens type holes on the front rather than the usual square one and a flash. There are no road markings so I think they are the digital ones.

Question is can they get you on both sides of the road? cos I went past one accelerating quite rapidly in a 40 doing around 50 but going in the other direction. No flash, but my mate reckons they dont have flashes now and work going both ways?

Im not convinced! Any ideas?????



ClioSport Club Member

In Nottingham where I used to live, they have these cameras - they are blue with 2 wierd infrared pods either side. Only thing is that they are on stalks quite high up. They are the digital cameras and apparently the roads were actually becoming safer as a result of these. However, as they werent catching many motorists speeding (hence making the roads safer) Nottingham City Council decided to take them down as they werent making enough money.

How stupid is that? Just proves that speed cameras are not to make roads safer, but to line the pockets of the police and council authorities!!!

They look like fookin SAM missile launchers and they have one on oppposite sides of the road about 50 meters apart.

Be very careful if u see these as they WILL get u!

I live in nottingham and they havent taken down the the digital cameras, but have recently put up even more. Theres about 12 sets on the ring road and adjoining roads now. They look like this

adams_2k, its sound like you have seen one these,
and Im afraid they take a photo of the front of your car if they catch u speeding, and they dont flash. They are becoming more popular because apparently they can be used to prove who was driving at the time.


ClioSport Club Member

I got done by the SAM launchers on Nuthall Road last year - admittedly i was doing 40 in a thirty, but its a dual carriage way and it was 1AM.

Then a month later i got gatsod doing a red light round the back of the vicky centre cos i was late 4 work!


I live in Notts too. I always stick to 30 down Nuthall road cause of those buggers. The Geodessy goes nutts at every fixed camera which is a gental reminder to watch my speed. The council say theyre not catching enough people to make their money back but as hype has said theyve just extended the camera cover and put up more. Also the No of cars that come flying past me when Im @ 30 - they must be making a mint.

Didnt know there was a Gatso behind Vic centre?


I got caught on castle boulevard last year out the back of an unmarked van. Didnt even see the b*stards till it was too late.

do the cameras like the one in the 1st pic actually work in notts cos im sure i was doin more than 30 down there a month or so back and ive heard nothin

To be fair, the Police are fairly good in South Wales.

I saw their last speed trap yesterday afternoon in Cardiff. As you approached in either direction, there were about three marked Police cars and bikes clearly visible at two ends of the road. So to speed past these youd have been nuts anyway. Then in between these two sets of cars, about a 1/4 mile further, there was a big Transit van with big cameras and yellow reflective stuff everywhere. If you got done by this sort of speed exercise then you were clearly not observant enough to drive, let alone speed!!

There are a few normal Gatsos in Cardiff, but again youd have to be blind not to spot them.

On the M4 theres another Transit/Fiat van mobile unit that sits atop bridges between Cardiff and the Severn Bridge. But the van is red with big slogans saying "THINK! SLOW DOWN!". Again, get done by these and youre being a bit silly.

If you got to the South Wales Police website, you can navigate to a section that tells you the location of every permanent camera - and where the mobile ones might be situated.

This sounds like heaven compared to some regions!! I actually think its a far better approach, especially in terms of community relations. If theres a gathering of cars in Cardiff (not a cruise), then the Police usually come over for a chat, satisfy themselves that youre a bunch or reasonable car enthusiasts - and then go off to catch any of the nutters/theives that there might be. And Im happy to pay tax for that!
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

Thats the fcuker...apart from its bright yellow and I cant see a pink lense on it.

Just remembered I was speaking to a taxi driver on the way home sat night and he assured me they didnt work yet. theyve only been up a week or so, but who knows, he probably thinks they supose to flash...

  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

Actually I just looked again and they are a bit different. lenses are further apart as well as the colour and the lense colour....

Think im just kiding myself now....