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Hi everyone,

Just thought I would sign up to the forum, I have owned a clio dci dynamic s for nearly 4 years now, but I’m on my way to pick up a gordini dci. I initially bought the clio as a cheap run around car, and that it is! But I have been dying to get my hands on something a bit sportier for ages, and I’d come across the dci gordini which I found would be perfect for my daily drive - cheap to run & tax, a reliable all rounder car.
I have a few plans for the car. Firstly I’ll be getting a stage 1 remap, likely through Celtic tuning. I’m just wondering if anyone knows if this is the limit or is there further stages these cars can be tuned to? The gain is going to be around 30bhp. From my research it looks like this is the most we are probs gonna push out of the car without being too silly? I’m also going to be looking into dropping it on some sportier springs... Can anyone recommend any good springs and what’s the best mm to lower it by?

Thank you 🙂
P.s. attached a pic of my current Dynamic S (shows before & after subtle mods). Pics of the Gordini will likely be posted on arrival in a new thread 😛


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