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New torque wrench


ClioSport Club Member
  ph1 172, Arctic182
My screwfix torque wrench has a pretty inaccurate setting gauge thingy on it so is in need of replacement, I've done a search which looks like I wont go far wrong with a Halfords 1/2" advanced. Before I buy one has opinion changed and any idea how I can get a discount card?
I have a Sykes Pickavant Motorq one that will do 60-340nm and then a couple of smaller Halfords ones. The Halfords ones are good bits of kit but they're pricey in terms of what other ones sell for. I paid £60 for my Sykes one a few years back, the bloody Halfords ones start at like £80 for a tidgey one
  Clio Sport
I applied for a trade card online and took my City & Guilds certificate down to the shop,the assistant just put down I have my own business and gave me the card,if you work in an eligible trade you take your wage slips down.


ClioSport Club Member
  182 & Audi A3
Or if you know someone decent who works for one. I got mine as I fix cars for club members....well...that's what he told me to say. Its come in useful over the years.