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New user!

Hello - I have just registered as a user and it seems a top forum - any owners around Northants / Oxon area? Plus, has anyone got a cup who drives around Banbury now and again?
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I live in Northampton, infact there are a few of us.

Oh yeh - Welcome to the best clio forum on Earth. Are you planning on becoming a member?

Not seen any Cups in the area.

Yeah, I will join - good to see there are a few round Northants! Banbury is Rover 220 land for some reason - and Corsas - I am not sure many people recognise the clio at all - bumpkin ignorance I reckon!


im from Northants aswell, but we wont go into where exactly i live, because it will give me a very bad image,

not seen any cups in the area, except on the back of a lorry when i picked my car up

this forum is one of the best i have experienced

Well if I know Northants like I think I do, it could be the Eastern District or maybe Corby?!! Mind you I am from Dav so it cant be much worse than that sh1tehole!

Are there any meets in the area?

good guess, im from the hole known as Corby, sadly

Daventry isnt too bad, i used to play football there quite alot, until i gave up playing competitive football

not sure of any meets as yet, only been a member for a couple of weeks, no doubt greeper will be able to answer that question though

There are not too many clios at all round Dav - my mate has got a black mark one which he snapped the cam belt on the other day chasing an Audi S8 - luckily covered under warranty!! There are a few S3s around and thats it really.

Seen a few people around sixfields but it didnt look that organised.

BTW who did you play for? UCL standard?

I know S and L well - I played for Fords for a few seasons and every year we drew S&L in every cup - same this year by the look of it!

Why did you give up then? Travelling?


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Im from northampton, Blue Mk2 16v. I saw a 172 Mk2 Monaco Blue, going the other way on the A43 at the weekend,was that you Adkins172?

It could well have been Ken as I went from Banbury to Northampton and back on the A43 both Sat and Sunday - dint see you, what were you driving?