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New V6 Dimensions

Anyone out there happen to know the dimensions of the new V6? Need to see if it will go in the garage or not, cant find them anywhere.

Thanks for that dash time to get the measuring tape out! Is that the Mk1? By your comment I assume so and I also wonder if it will be any bigger!

Towser Im sure ur final decsion on buying a new V6 isnt gonna rest with whether it fits in the Garage or not?? Geeezzzz surely u could leave it outon the road? Im sure a smart car would fit though if your desperate!


  Shiny red R32

Talking of Smart Cars, there was a trendy looking leopard print one parked in our high street the other day, FACING INTO THE PAVEMENT, it managed to get into a space which only a motorbike would have fitted!


Cupsize- No it probably wouldnt make me change my mind but would give my other half more ammunition to not get one. But it does fit so thats okay! Just need to start saving frantically! But no I wouldnt leave it out in the road although I live in a reasonable area cars in the street have on several occasions been broken into.

take it you dont need the boot space mate?!

i hope you manage to find some good reasons as to why you want to change to an even more expensive and un-economical car!

not that it would stop me wanting one you understand, the noise, the styling, the torque and the looks you get driving one are good enough reasons for me!

good luck, and a happy new year to you.


Does anyone know if its going to be any lighter/heavier? Or do you think Renault will do the usual, ie give the weight of a 1.2, coz it was the only the sats they had at the time!;)

Dave- No dont need the boot space really . Have got a sub tube in the boot at the moment which takes up most of it and dont need the rear seats either. Mine could be sold as virtually unused!