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New V6 Pics from France - Official!

  320d M Sport

Hmm, thats looks just like my Mk2!!
Think someone ballsed up, never mind, cant afford the V6 anyway.


cupsize are u ok ?? i mean first u say that Focus RS has 1.8 when in fact its 2.0 then you think a mk2 clio is a V6 ... has someone had a few whiskey and lemonades hold the lemonade !?! hehe dont worry only joking ...


Soory chaps it was the interior photo that confused me - the creamy Mk2 one! That must be the French version!?

Jock - read autoexpress 2 0r 3 issues ago - Focus RS on cover - I think youll find that it is in fact a 1.8L Turbo Zetec lump with 215BHP!! The Cosworth engine will be a 2.0L sensibly enough!!

Sorry Cupsize, but how can you take AutoExpress seriously it is a typo, it is defo a 2.0L no doubt what so ever!!!