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New Wheel Bolts


ClioSport Club Member
  Too Many
TPI Bolts are the way forward.

Been on the car for years and not rusted one bit.



ClioSport Club Member
I just bought some generic silver ones to replace my crusty ones. The below specs to match the original bolts assuming no spacers etc. obviously.
M12 x 1.5, 60° taper, 26mm thread length.
  Clio Trophy
Will be getting the wheels of my Trophy refurbished when it's going in to see @Gally at Protek in the near future so wanting to get brand new wheel bolts to match.

Has anyone bought the Kamracing ones?-

Is there anywhere else I should be looking?
For what it's worth, I do not recommend these Kam Racing ones. Only had them on the car a few months and the nice shiny finish has dulled and gone tatty already.



ClioSport Club Member
  172 Cup
I've bought a set of these silver (Zinc) onces, I've not fitted them yet.

"These bolts promise to maintain their lustre, keeping your car looking pristine for years to come" I do hope so!