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Newbie from northamptonshire

  renault clio 182 sport
Hi guys
been lurking in the background for a while and thought it was time i joined this site. i recently bought myself a clio 182 :evil: and i'm very impressed.
  renault clio 182 sport
She's metalic black/gold on a 05 plate with window tints .
just joined the site and finding my way around i will post a couple of piccie in a day or so :D
  renault clio 182 sport
You're dead right about keeping it clean, black shows up all the dust and dirt.
Racing blue is a cool colour , i like the orange one's aswell.
have you any mods to you're 182 ?:race:
  Fabia vrs tdi
nah like i said bought it on monday from some woman in her late 30s so its standard but already bought my ktec supersports exhaust the loud one and gettint an itg filter soon and either a superchip or live remap

dont know about u but i dont like the lack of power at low revs and having to kick its arse to get it going
  renault clio 182 sport
Yer, but when you do kick its arse it aint a bad little mover.
suites my needs becuase the lack of low down power is ok for the wife,
and over 5000rpm is what i need :evil:.