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Newbie Introduction and NW Gearbox Repair Recommendations

  Clio RS200, Audi R8
Hi guys

Just thought I would introduce myself :) I'm Chris from Cheshire. Ive just bought this RS200 for a few tracks days as Im only 10 minutes from Oulton and wanted a bit of fun. I also own an Audi R8 but the thought of chewing through a set of brakes and tyres on a track day makes my eyes water!

I must admit this is the first Clio Ive ever had and its so much fun and possibly quicker than the R8 on bumpy B Roads. Feels like a go kart!

I picked it up with a 4th gear syncro issue and intend to whip the box out myself, but just wondering who are the go-to guys in the NW that I can take this to for repair? Your suggestions are gratefully appreciated!





ClioSport Club Member
Welcome aboard. The Clio will definitely be cheaper to run as a track car than the R8, it probably cost less to buy than brakes and tyres would have😂.


ClioSport Club Member
  Titanium 182
Are they an open diff as standard or some type of LSD? Still learning about these yet!


Open diff.

Non of the RS Clios came with one, you'd think they would.

Mark did mine in 2017 and it's been faultless after many track days at Oulton, it's my local too.