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Newbie needs info

  A4 Avant & R52 S

Hi all,
Im thinking of getting myself a clio in the near future. Either a 16v or maybe a williams & i am just wondering if any of you could tell me the difference between the williams 1 & 2, is it just the age?
Also do they all come with leather seats?

Thanks for any info you can give me
  172 & LCR

You can get some 16V with leather it was an option from new go for the newest you can afford Williams 3 but if youve got that sort of money there is a MK1 172 up for £8500 on the for sale section youd expect to pay £8000 for a good Willy 3.


  Shiny red R32

Where are you Norris? Weatherfield? Are you the Norris from Coronation Street?
  BMW 320d Sport

Errr, Im not the world expert on Willys and their differences. but Id say if youve got the lolly definitely get a Willy over a 16v.

Phase 1 had no sunroof or electric mirrors. Not sure about ABS.

Phase 2 would have had an airbag Im pretty sure. Other differences are the cosmetic differences like normal phase 1 and 2 (shape of mirrors, rear light clusters, boot trim, side trim etc).
  A4 Avant & R52 S

Thanks for the info, and just to clarify for girlracer Norris is a nickname & im from Bristol not weatherfield ;-)
  A4 Avant & R52 S

Ill just have to see what comes up, looking along the lines of and L reg williams if i can find a nice one.