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Newbie - Scotland

  Integra Type R
Hello all, i signed up a long time ago, as i was looking into buying a MK1 Clio 16v, never went through with it in the end.

I'm Archie, 22, from Ayrshire.
Had about 30 cars in the 5 years of driving, mostly Vauxhalls.
Recently sold my Valver Corsa that i built myself, and got an E36 325, which bored the s**t out me except the odd tail-hanging moment.

Ended with a Phase 2 172 FF, which strangley has an LPG conversion.
I served 3 and a half years of a mechanics apprenticeship at P***s Renault in Ayr so i know my way about Renaults. :) (Shame i never got to finish my time or i'd still be there)

Enough about me anyway, hi everyone, i'll have pics of my 172 tomorrow as it was dark by time i got it.