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Newby Questions

Hi guys and gals,

i am new to this forum as im currently driving a Pug106 Xsi but am wanting to chane my car to the old shape Clio - i am just wondering which car would be reccomended as to being simialr in speed as my Xsi is 100bhp and i dont really want to lose too much - i would prefer a 1.4 or 1.6?? any ideas, reccomendations???

Thanks in advance for your help!


I wouldnt mind a RSi or 16v but theyre both 1.8s which i cant really afford the insurance on at the mo - is there not a sportyer 1.4 or a 1.6??

The warm hatch of the original Clio range was the RSi: its a 1.8 8v pushing 110bhp and with all the creature comforts. Distinguished by side skirts. Also came in luxury Bacarra trim (95bhp).

The full-on hot hatch was the 16v: 137bhp and a wide-arch body, complete with bonnet bulge/air dam. The Williams was a limited edition variant, with a 2.0 bottom end for better torque delivery. Both mechanically very different from the rest of their Clio family.

Other than that, there werent any other overtly "sporting" original Clios, apart from some special editions like the Maxim - unlike today, when sporty trim can be had with any engine capacity.

The 1.4 RT is a good start though - really good handling and enough poke to keep up with the rep-mobiles and more modern 1.4 16vs. Comes loaded with kit compared to other small cars: all electrics, good trim etc.

Theres a 1.4 S?

Depends what you meen by sportier though - Sportier in Looks or Sportier in Performance?

If its performance, you got 1.2, 1.4, 1.8 8v, 1.8 16v, 2.0 16v too chose from in the Mk1 Shape.

Hope this helps,


If you can get a 1.4 maxim theyre quite nice. Around a P-reg I think. They have the very soft version of the mk1 clio (in essence its a Mk1 phase 3)

Got nice comfy seats - quite supportive and sporty too. You could do an awful lot worse!

Thanks Daz, from the looks of that its gonna have to be a 1.4 - is the Rt the sporytest 1.4 in looks or performance that you can get or is there something better -

Also the Rsis and other sportyer models tend to have the more squared back arches rather than the more rounded ones of the 1.2s etc - does the Rt have squared or rounded arches?? (if that makes any sense to you at all??)


All original shape Clios, apart from the wide body 16v/Williams, have the same body panels. 16v/Willy get flared arches.

RSi and Bacarra get side skirts, 16v/Willy dont have side skirts.

My Mk1 Phase3 is more round than the previous versions. I have 5 doors though, so I have a slightly long wheelbase and the rear arches are of course different.

Phase 3 ran from 1996 - 1998.

The "normal" clios can be made to look quite "sporty" though - So you can always mod whatever car you get to suit YOU!.


Thanks guys - the helps appreciated - anyone know why there was never a 1.6?? that would have been ideal - what kind of insurance are people paying on the 1.4 RT?

Theres the 1.6 16V Mk 2/3 (RSi) with half leather and everything the 172 has (except the engine) Ripe for modding and insurance group 10
  clio williams, Ph1 172

Get a quote on a 16V mate, you may be surprised with the insurance. They are only group 11. I bet the pugs not far off that. I know my missus AX GT is group 9.

16Vs are well cheap to insure compared with other hot hatches.

I had quotes on Saxo VTS and Punto GTs for about £300 more a year!

Get a valver mate, you know it the right choice :devilish:

Yea, the only 1.6s are in the newer shaped, Mk2 and Mk3.

Dunno why Renault decided not to do one in the Mk1?


im gonna get quotes on the rt and the 16v to see what they come out as - are there any common problems with the old shape Clio that i should keep an eye out for when checking out cars??