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newsgroup sites..newbie.


im new to newsgroups and just got set up using griffs tutorial..

just wondering what sites you guys search for artcles?

as the one on the tutorial requires you to be invited.

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why do you need a guide? Download the nzb files and open with your nzb reader (this should be configured to connect to you usenet provider). Simples.
What a load of pische.

I've just paid for an nbzmatrix login and an astraweb login (10gb prepay) and I'm only getting 11.5k d/l max.


What am I doing wrong? I thought this newgroup shiz should top out my connection. I'm on virgin and I'm getting 180k d/l with a torrent.
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Chances are you're ISP is limiting the port. See if your Newsgroup provide another port. Giganews use port 443 which is the same as HTML, meaning no slowdown! They're also doing a half price offer on unlimited GB, SSL encrypted for 3 months.

Can anyone send me a newzbin invite?

Much appreciated :)
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How many connections are you connecting to? 1 or the full 20 or 30/whatever you are allowed?
I have 5 invites (I thought I'd used them all, but they must be renewed when you top up or something!)

First 5 email addresses PM'd to me get one.
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ok, so I have grabit, i have a lifetime membership to nzbmatrix, what is the server address i put into grabit? i've read about 5 tutorials that are as clear as mud.
ok, so I have grabit, i have a lifetime membership to nzbmatrix, what is the server address i put into grabit? i've read about 5 tutorials that are as clear as mud.

You need to then subscribe to astraweb or giganews etc.

I'm trying astaweb on the prepay deal they have and the addy of the server is:


Plus your login details. Both with the SSL box ticked. Its fooking quick!
Which is the best to go for? obviously people opinions will differ and whats payment like?

PM if anyone fancys please?

Also looking for an invite please.
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i just signed up for nzb matrix all fine,

Now looking to sign up to giganews but the payment page isnt protected? ie no padlock on screen? Also once i sign upto them is the all i need to do?


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Anyone use Merlin's Portal?
What do NZBMatrix and Newzbin offer that justifies paying for the same thing?
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I signed up to astranews 10gb for $10 deal just to try it, it is very quick so might sign up for the unlimited monthly razzle dazzle thingy.


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is giganews the best one to use?
havent used any stuff for a while tbh
I signed up for NZB MAtrix and using Astrawebs pre pay 180gig package as that'll last me ages.

Been on it for 3 or 4 months now and still not used half of it up lol.
So for the 180gb astrawebs package you pay a one off $25 and once youve used that 180gb up you pay again?

And how much is NZB Matrix? is it yearly .. or?

Also once youve paid up for NZB matrix is is only that site you can use to find stuff to download?
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I would rinse that 180GB pre-pay package as I am currently downloading alot of true HD content which comes in around 30-40GB plus everything else I download. I need unlimited lol